Friday, May 28, 2010


I finally figured out how to weave and construct a cocoon, a very simple jacket/wrap made from two rectangles of handwoven cloth to be worn over a T-shirt, turtleneck, or simple dress. Without having an actual cocoon in hand, I relied on photos of the design that made it appear much more complicated than it is. Here are photos of my weaving experiments from this past week. These cocoons were woven on a mixed rayon/cotton warp. The wefts are cottons and synthetics from yarns I purchased in a "grab bag". I love the tweed-like effects. All three fabrics washed and dried beautifully. I added a few beads, either glass or wooden, on the cocoons' lapels for fun. Because they're experiments and the yarn was a bargain, I'm offering them for only $85 each.


  1. I'm a terrible photographer. These would look much better on a live person.

  2. But what if it wasn't the RIGHT person? they may detract from the creation... I think you need to be more picky! Perhaps you shoud hold auditions...?

  3. Wow Penelope! I wish I could wear one!